Shadowrun / Cy

Session 3 Notes
Meet with Mrs. Johnson and Fun with Cops!

Session 3:
• Gathered at The Banshee on the outskirts of the Barrens
• Re-contact with Mrs. Johnson and her shaman associate
• Realized mission is to hunt down 3 stolen data chips from Hollywood Global Simsense Inc.
• Mission: Track down thieves and take back items; do what we want to the thieves, hopefully silence them
• Do it all stealthily / discreetly (assuming this means no media attention and blowing stuff up); but have not gotten full parameters of what is out of bounds… must use our judgment?
• Have until Friday at 9am to complete mission (currently 0100-0200h Monday morning, so only have 4-4.5 days to complete; so clock is definitely ticking on this)
• Negotiations ensue
○ Raise initial cost per runner from 3000 to 4000 each, plus a 1000 upfront payment
○ Identify what the discs look like and how to ID them (so we aren’t screwed on return of "oh, these aren’t the right ones — you don’t get paid)
○ During Negotiations, three orks interrupt us and make fun of Roxanna / Mrs. Johnson; calls us lackeys and is obviously antagonistic to us and her; they back off from a physical barrier that Zen pushes up in front of them and take off
○ Mrs. Johnson seems to know more about the thieves, perhaps has them on security footage but is not sharing
○ Mrs. Johnson seems to know more about what party is involved on the “other side” but also isn’t telling
• 4000¥ / runner for return of all 3 discs; we have Johnson’s contact information to trigger a meet at the Banshee to turn it in to collect payment; payment is on certified credsticks
• 1000¥ upfront to each runner (comes out of our total pay)
• The primary lead that we have is a fellow named “TeeHee”, a corp decker/scientist that went missing when the discs went
○ He’s a Seattle University grad, mohawk-wearing male caucasian, seems to be a friendly type but is “unaccustomed to being outside of the Matrix”
○ Has a professor that he was friendly with — Dr. Hendrik, professor emeritus of the Cybersciences Division; retired now
○ We have various items from TeeHee’s desk
§ 2x Ticket stubs to a recent Urban Brawl game; general admission
§ 8x simsense chips and player (one was a 20-sec scene of his amongst his friends in a cafeteria)
§ A small toy that spins and bows
§ An organic tea bag; seems to have been house-made, stamped from a regional shop call Organics something or other
§ A bread-board, a cyberdeck circuit board and a couple of other electronic bits
§ A lighter (zippo type) that has an etching of a circuit board with the words “quaff + stuff” on it
§ A holocube (photo-device) that has a bunch of shots of TeeHee with his college buddies (of note is the professor holding an upper-class / expensive cyberdeck)
• We split the group for info gathering
○ Zen and Cyclone head off in her car, intent on dropping off Cyclone at his place and then heading to see Zen’s sister to look over the circuit boards and cyber stuff and doing some info gathering
○ Silence drives Tandis, Bull and Specter back to their vehicles but gets a K-E “routine” stop a couple of blocks before the parking garage
§ (assuming that its either a routine stop, or a fix-it stop due to Silence’s recently damage headlight, or a security checkpoint due to time of night and suspicion)
§ Panic sets into Specter and he tried to slip out of the vehicle under spell cloaks but is seen
§ Scene escalates as K-E draws weapons and demands all to step out of the vehicle and get on the ground
§ Bull gets out but doesn’t get on the ground and Specter hastily recasts a better invisibility
§ Combat breaks out as the K-E cops start firing on the players and players return the kindness
§ A moment later, both K-E are dead/unconscious, and a bunch of shots are fired in a residential neighborhood
§ Group rushes back into car and speeds off (?)
• Session ends there

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