Welcome to Cy’s Shadowrun Game.

We play this game every week, when able. The game is centered in Seattle, 2072. We explore the dark dystopian (or utopian, as some believe) Sixth World as we try to make it running the shadows beneath the skyscrapers of the mega corps.

It’s a fun time for all.

The current group (check the Characters link for more details) are currently:

  • Zen – a young hipster shamaness with an affinity for felines and a hatred for Orks
  • Bull – a Russian dwarf immigrant that carries an SMG
  • Specter – a failed DocWagon doc that has hit the shadows after a hard life
  • Silence – a tough woodsman who brings archery and stealth into the mix with an easy smile
  • Tandis – an elf sniper who is inquisitive and quick
  • Cyclone – a heavily-cybered human who packs a big Ares Alpha with a small grasp on humanity

Shadowrun / Cy

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