A young hipster chick with a cute smile, blazing white eyes and a feline attitude to life.


(Zen, dressed in her upper-class nightlife dress, ready to meet with a fixer or Mr. Johnson)

Zen is primarily a support mage, but with some decent combat abilities. The ability to sustain a force 5 spell without penalty (focused concentration) allows her to keep a barrier / invisibility / levitation spell while still being able to perform normal combat/other support. In addition, being a shamanic mage, her drain resist comes from her strongest attribute. She has a younger sister in her care, who is an amateur hacker. She has a moderate Zen addiction, and a bias (lowest prejudice) against Orcs (or if another player wants to play an orc without conflict, this could change).

(Zen in a typical “street outfit” dual-casting a physical barrier around her and a fireball around her)



Taisia Volynski (aka Zen) was born to SINless Russian immigrants in the slums of Seattle. Between the Ancients and the Sons of Sauron, being human in the poorest part of town was never easy. When she was 14 years old, two major events happened simultaneously: the root of her hatred of orcs (or some other race if someone else wants to play an orc and doesnt want tension in the group), and the first physical manifestation of mojo.

Her parents, unable to keep up protection money, were visited by a group of orc thugs demanding their fee, and going a bit too far. Seeing her father’s lifeless body slump to the ground pushed her over the edge. Blasting the orcs, her mother, and her father’s corpse, the fireball set fire to the family’s small apartment. Taisia grabbed her 7 year old sister Veronika and ran. And has been running ever since.

Between honing her magic skills and running shadows to pay the bills, Taisia has been looking after Veronika these past 8 years as best as she can. She carries a deep hatred for orcs, but learned Or’zet in order to better understand (and insult) them.

Being an unlicensed mage (or a mage with a fake ID and fake license, depending on which fake SIN she’s broadcasting), she learned quickly how to hide in the shadows – literally, and figuratively. Keeping her little sister safe is her first priority.

Now 22 and living with her 15 year old sister, (who has started becoming a decent amateur hacker in her own right) Taisia takes any jobs she can get – whether Shadowruns when they’re available or waiting tables at the sleazy diner down the road.

In her down time, seeking the peace and tranquility that her life cannot provide, she frequents the Astral plane when she can, and the drug of her namesake otherwise.

Origin Story

The black and grey cat meowed from the hallway. Taisia shut her eyes tight. She learned long ago that no one else could see the red-eyed cat, and her family thought she was lying when she insisted. She tried to will the cat away, but it was no use.

The cat rubbed against the door frame, meowed, and crawled into the hallway. Taisia glanced at Veronika, quietly playing with her third-hand toys and cursed. Drek. She quietly crept towards the door frame. Papa had told them to stay in their room when the large orks kicked down their front door. Twenty minutes later, they were still arguing in the kitchen.

The cat leaped up onto the counter as Taisia slowly came to the threshold of the hallway.
She could clearly hear the raised voices from the kitchen.

“…sick of hearing your shit, old man. You either pay up, or me and my friends here will have a little fun with your wife.”

Taisia leaned around the corner to see one ork holding ma, one holding papa, and another with a large machete at papa’s throat.

“Papa…” she whispered as the ork leaned forward menacingly.

“What’ll it be?”

“Go fuck yourself.”

“Wrong answer.” The machete sliced along papa’s neck, drawing a flood of crimson. Ma screamed and buckled against the ork holding her. The cat sat on the counter next to papa’s slumping body as the two orks turned their attention to ma.

Taisia suppressed a scream in favor of staying hidden, but felt the rage burning. The cat stared, taunting her. What do you want from me? Why didn’t you help him? She accused the cat as it stared, seemingly indifferent. The orks were speaking, and ma was screaming, but she heard nothing but her own anger. It screamed inside her. She felt the heat of it burning her heart. And her hands. My hands?

She looked down and saw for the first time that her hands were burning. She screamed in terror and the orks finally took notice of her.

“What the fuck?”

“A fuckin mage? Geek ’er!”

Ma’s face distorted in fear; fear of the orks, and a new fear of her daughter. Two of the three stepped towards Taisia and she instinctively raised her hands and screamed. “NO!”

The cat purred, satisfied as the fire erupted from Taisia’s hands. Before she could react, the fireball burst forward, burning the two orks before her and landing between her mother and the last ork. She screamed again, now in realization.

The cheap apartment quickly lit up in a blazing inferno. Taisia stood, dumbstruck. I killed ma. She thought, staring at her own hands. The cat meowed, and jumped through the fire, calmly walking back towards the hallway. I killed those orks. The cat passed Taisia and meowed again, prompting her to move.

Finally she moved. Following the cat, she was led back to her room where Veronika sat staring up at her, questioningly. The cat ignored Veronika and jumped up onto the window, passing harmlessly through the glass.

Taisia grabbed her sister, who grabbed the small ragged doll she had been playing with, and held tightly. The cat turned back on the fire escape as Taisia propped the window open. Follow me, the cat spoke for the first time, you are ready to begin.


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