Thin, southern street doc with a skill for vanishing without a trace.


Anorexic, jagged-toothed, pale and bow-legged, Specter is an ugly man in his early forties. He wears old clothes he stole long ago. He still has his lab coat from his time working for forensics with Lone Star. He has his army duffel bag, stuffed with old equipment and bandages from his time at DocWagon. He’s usually smiling, and always eager to meet new people.image.jpg


A history with the armed forces and DocWagon, Specter (aka Dr. Edward Killian) carries personal items from both places. With only a couple changes of clothes, Specter looks tired and rundown, but still maintains his enthusiasm for his future. He’s a habitual criminal, drug user and con man. He’s not very good at any of them. He’s an excellent thief, but is terrible with money. It never lasts long.


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